A Window Into | Dubrovnik | Travelspective


Dubrovnik is one of the more famed cities claiming Croatia’s view of the Adriatic. Ringed by massive stone walls, the buildings here are a collective of jaw-dropping features lending to an antiquated charm that goes unrivaled down the Dalmatian coast. In fact, the architecture was so beautifully designed that it still draws thousands of people to the city on a yearly basis. That’s because visitors can find a piece of history around every corner. Explore the grandeur of baroque styled St. Blaise Church, or rediscover old settings you didn’t know took place in Croatia, like the Game of Thrones street scene depicting Cersei’s walk of shame through the old town. Whether walking your own path along walls made of limestone or indulging in the archaic splendor that resides within them, one thing is clear — this city is a beacon of awe for history buffs of any age.