A Window Into | Hanoi, Vietnam | Travelspective


Vietnam’s capital may sound funny, but after visiting, there is so much more to say about this centuries-old city than its phonetically appealing name. Vietnam runs amuck with markets and remote fishing villages, magnificent architecture that recalls its rich history, and sublime gardens that hide amongst the concrete jungle. Most everything within its limits is easily accessible by scooter, which makes getting around a breeze. So, let your hair down and get ready for the ride of your life, because Hanoi’s got some pretty interesting culture hidden up its thousand-year-old sleeve.

No matter what the day felt like for us, Hanoi was able to accommodate that mood. Every nook and cranny presented something for the curious wanderer, from hopping around the city and feasting our eyes on such architectural splendors as Thanh Chuong Palace to literally eating our way through the fast-paced city center. Organized chaos played to the symphony of traffic that stretched throughout the day. Its smokey soul billowed from the food market, filling the air with the sweet smell of culinary constructs passed down from generation to generation. And when the rigorous rigmarole of Hanoi began to seep into jet lag, a short bus ride to the serene, otherworldly province of Ha Long Bay was there to welcome us with open arms. Suffice to say that when traveling to foreign lands, culture shock is to be expected, but in Hanoi, there was so much to do that it was hard to waste even a second on something so trivial.