A Window Into | Plitvice Lakes | Travelspective

Become one with the pristinely preserved beauty of Plitvice Lakes.

Plitvice Lakes is a union of stunning natural beauty divided by man-made paths of rustic simplicity. Hiking trails wind through intense forests of lush greenery as fish frolic in water so transparent it gives a clear view into the kind of brilliance Mother Nature can achieve when left to her own devices. Every step taken through the park melts away some form of self, but if you listen past the clutter of tedious thoughts from a world left behind, a natural ambiance takes its place. Chirping birds join a cadence of crickets singing songs in the tune of Croatia’s countryside while rushing waterfalls provide a percussive cascade to the rhythm. The tranquility of Plitvice is undeniable— it breaks through in patches of sunlight and spreads unencumbered, leaving visitors with a distinct feeling of interconnectedness that can be felt undulating throughout the very ecosystem of the park.