A Window Into Summer Vacation | Travelspective


Summertime is officially wanderlust season. We’ve been itching for this time of year since childhood, sitting in class daydreaming out the window picturing sun filled blue skies and wanting the feeling of being free. Now as adults, not much has changed. We still daydream of breaking away and feeling that sense of freedom that going on summer vacation brings. Whether it be beautiful beaches or tranquil landscapes, we wish sometimes we could just close our eyes and be teleported in an instant and get a window into summer.

It’s the number one time to travel, as summer vacation season lends itself to great weather in so many destinations around the world. From the blue hues of the Mediterranean to the philosophical walks through Japan, many cities around the world are shining their best with their rich history and most vibrant parts of their culture brightly on display. Summer is the time where some of our best memories are made, recounted in pictures that adorn our walls, screensavers and memory banks. As you look at your calendar counting down to your next vacation, here is a getaway to our window into summer serenity.

– The Travelspective Team

Wanderlust through these windows:

Amalfi Coast : From the colorful homes carved into the dizzying cliffs of Positano to the natural beauty of Ravello.
Capri : It’s hard not to imagine you’re on a glamorous film set with old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, who both adored this charming town.
Florence : Excellent food and wine flourish down every small winding street and are at the focal point of experiences for Florentines.
Rovinj : An enchanting, little fishing town on the Istrian peninsula of Croatia.
Rio De Janeiro : Rio has long been the Patron Saint of tranquility that pulsates to the beat of a Samba swing in the heart of South America.
Sandy Spit : A tiny, uninhabited islet set in the middle of the warm Caribbean ocean