Welcome to Our Window Into Travel | Travelspective


This year, over a billion people around the world will travel outside of their countries this year. That’s billion with a ‘b’! A majority of them are traveling to places they have never been before as they look to experience all that they can in a span of a few days or weeks. From getting to point A to B to checking into where they’re staying, the logistics of travel are what most people plan the most before setting out on a trip. We know that getting to a destination and where you stay is just the half of it, while making sure to find ways to maximize your time is always of the upmost importance when we go anywhere. We’ve set out to create Travelspective to let our lens be your guide and give you a window into travel as we capture experiences and insight into destinations around the world.

As we’ve traveled around the world, we’ve always felt it was important to try to tap into the heartbeat of a destination. Now, that might sound strange, but its that feeling of finding the energy of a place and seeing where it takes you. We’ve spoken with locals to get their native notes on how they live and enjoy their hometown. We’re naturally noisey (ahem, curious) people and have been fortunate to have met people wanting to point us in the right direction along the way. Tapping into cities through locals allows for serendipity. We’ve shared those stories from our travelogue of Croatia to New Orleans to Havana that have found us on our travels, and hopefully they’ll help you find experiences and encourage you to do the same.

We innately believe that travel makes us better people. The extraordinary thing about travel is how it makes ordinary occasions, like having breakfast or wandering down a street, turn into sensory filled moments. Travel allows us to connect with people we would never have the opportunity to otherwise, while showing us that we’re more alike than different as we experience new countries and cultures. It’s our deep wish for everyone to feel what it is to travel and connect with a destination beyond the surface. Travel isn’t about checking things off. It’s about seeing and experiencing things beyond what you have seen and heard and letting travel open up your view of the world.

As we continue to manifest a space where travel lovers like us can share their trips and journeys, we will continue to create content for our Travelspective Apple TV app and more OTT platforms this year. We look forward to working with more contributors and partners and sharing not only our travelspectives, but yours too.

Until then, we hope your travels are filled with serendipity.

– The Travelspective Team