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Humanity’s reach has gone far beyond that of our forefather’s wildest dreams. Cities stretch the four corners of the globe as a living, breathing, testament to man’s achievements, but there’s a great big world out there and not all of it is cityscape and civilization. For adventure seekers, this is a good thing. A chance to delve into the untouched regions of cavernous mountain ranges, sprawling plains and abundant wildlife that spring up and thrive where colonization doesn’t. Planet Earth is home to the only habitat mankind can explore organically so what are we waiting for? Grab a pair of crampon boots and pack a bag. This is Map’d out: Iceland.

The best of Iceland is featured in abundance. Around every corner, we were greeted by astonishing works of art millions of years in the making. If you’re not from here then the names of these places may be hard to pronounce, but they more than make up for it by being easy on the eyes. Coupled with quiet structures designed in a way that doesn’t impose on the panoramic, Iceland earned itself a spot on our “athletic photo journey” list.

Download our guide to experience the best of Iceland for yourself, or just follow our journey here: Map’D Out | Iceland Guide.