Essentials Havana | Rhythm of the City | Travelspective

An idyllic paradise frozen in the fifties.

Havana is a city that feels frozen in time. It’s a time-warp that takes you straight back to a laidback Caribbean circa the 1950s when live music was thrumming amid the city streets as locals swayed to the sounds of an idyllic time. Not much has changed since then. Locals still dance to rumba every Sunday on Callejón de Hamel, classic cars line the streets of Parque Central and the famed 1950s Havana Cabaret club, Tropicana is just as alive as it was when it opened in 1939. Admittedly, when the temperature is a constant 93° degrees Fahrenheit, your body naturally shimmies to the beat of the classic Cuban rhythm and it’s positively infectious. Every sound we heard and every song that played was pure nostalgia of a pre-revolutionary past.