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Home of the legendary Cuban Cigar.

While it can be challenging to find wi-fi and a cash machine that actually works, rest assured that there will be no shortage of the two things that matter most in Havana: rum and cigars. In fact, the prestigious cigar known as Cohiba is made with rum and honey. The tobacco industry lies within the factories of Havana, Cuba and is one labor-intensive process steeped in tradition. Rollers handcraft each cigar with precision under strict supervision, and then they are individually graded for color and boxed. The persistent smell of fine tobacco wafts through the air everywhere in Havana like the lingering smell of sewage in the big city, (if you’re not big on smoke odors.) Don’t expect to find any signs of western culture in Cuba. It’s one of the things that some will find hard to cope with but only adds to the authentic charm that makes traveling to Cuba feel like a time-warp to a place nostalgic to another time. And we hope this remains.