Locals Circle | Pantarul in Dubrovnik | Travelspective

Serving up something a little different in Dubrovnik.

When you get to a city like Dubrovnik, with tourists that number in the thousands passing through her walls each day, the amount of places you can go to try authentic Dalmatian cuisine is astronomical. There is a multitude of restaurants and pubs that line the streets, but what makes for a stand-out eatery isn’t just location, it’s atmosphere. From dedicated chefs to innovative food bloggers, Pantarul strives to set itself apart from the old town feel of Dubrovnik, which is why they ditched the tourist traps and opened outside of the city. We had the pleasure of running into Blaze, a charismatic local turned friend, who arranged a sit down with Ana-Marija and her two chefs to get a taste of just what it is that makes Pantarul so appetizing.

The thought behind Pantarul is a simple one: Take care of your locals. What the staff has done to combat the merry go round of turning tables for tourists is adopt the “love the one you’re with” mentality. Simply put, they’re there for the residential populace and it shows. The owners are almost always in, the interior is inviting, and the menu is so fresh it changes with the seasons. It’s the perfect recipe for a great dining experience.

While Pantarul proves time and time again that its local influence is the reason for the seasonings, there’s still a sincere welcome extended to out-of-towners as well. With a skillful mix of Dalmatian delicacies and modern cuisine, they cater to a wide variety of diners and do so delightfully. By the time we left not only were our bellies filled but our spirits were too.