Food Issues | Finka Table and Tap in Kendall | Travelspective


Upon stepping through the door of Finka Table and Tap, the first impression that consumes the senses is one of dedication and balance. The glow coming from glass bulbs hanging throughout the room only serves to highlight the unique experience about to take place. Surrounded by rustic brick and distressed wooden walls, Eileen Andrade, owner of Finka, sat down to tell us a bit about how she became acquainted with a deep appreciation for the art of cuisine, and what it takes to open a boutique gastro pub in the heart of Kendall, Miami.

Being raised in her family restaurant doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have other influences. In fact, once on her own, she started a food truck and eventually traveled to Korea to learn a new way to cook with vastly different flavors than she’d grown up with. It’s with this experience and love for both Korean and Cuban food that she started Finka. Not only has the restaurant flourished, but it has become one of the top eateries in the community. The mix of Korean spices, ostrich meat, and Cuban rice make for a distinctive experience that visitors won’t likely forget. Although the goal of Finka is simple, “good food, good flavors,” sending a customer home bragging that they’ve eaten gator for the first time is a bonus Eileen can live with.