Food Issues | Il Convivo in Rome | Travelspective

Il Convivo offers classic Italian flavor from doorstep to table.

The entrance to Il Convivo Troiani may be a bit nondescript, but when you ring the doorbell, you’re greeted with a warm welcome and what seems to be a secret door into Chef Angelo Troiani’s world. White linen and soft lighting combine to highlight its sublime glow, and that’s just the first of many pleasant surprises this restaurant has up its sleeve. Upon visiting, we had a chance to chat with Angelo Troiani, owner and head chef, as he gave us insight into the inspirations, ideas and passion that goes into each seasonal menu. What followed next was a parade of dishes handpicked and prepared to perfection. Il Convivo isn’t a get your food and go type of place, even by restaurant standards. In fact, a full course is meant to be savored and can take hours to complete, so make an early reservation. But don’t rush it. Sit back and enjoy the well choreographed culinary performance that is Il Convivo.