Food Issues | La Guarida in Havana, Cuba | Travelspective

Celebrating 20 years of the famed Cuban paladar

Paladar La Guarida is tucked away within the walls of an old regal building. Its rundown interiors and eclectic exterior fits right in with the neighborhood’s Spanish architecture whose visual grandeur pepper the streets of the city. Set in a romantic, outdoor ambiance overlooking the rooftops of Havana, Cuba, we clink glasses to celebrate 20 years of the in-home restaurant with owner and creator Enrique Nunez. The menu is classically Cuban and sets itself apart with a modern twist and a dash of European influences thrown in for good measure. The cuisine skips between France, Spain and the Mediterranean, reflecting the global experiences of its kitchen team having trained with French chefs whose Provencal restaurant earned them a Michelin star. Yet its distinguished European influences are only half the story. Seafood dishes like the smoked mackerel fish tacos and octopus Carpaccio take prominence while the cocktails at the rooftop bar set a grand atmosphere overlooking the city.