Food Issues | The Shortmarket Club in Cape Town | Travelspective


Cape Town is becoming an epicenter for great culinary talent and experiences. And as you wander the CBD of Cape Town, many streets house some of the best restaurants in town. Case in point off Bree Street, you can wander down a dark corridor in a heritage building and there resides Chef Wesley Randles of Test Kitchen fame’s new restaurant, Shortmarket Club in the heart of  Cape Town, where they aim to give guests a literal feast for the senses.

Chef Wesley Randles is born and bred in South Africa and has been working in the restaurant industry since he was 14 years old. He’s embedded in the food scene in Cape Town and has set out in his newest endeavor to surprise and delight guests in an opulent setting with a grand open kitchen. He’s taken inspiration from New York in the 1960s by bringing that level of ‘showmanship’ to the dining experience and mixing the old with the new. His approach of no boundaries shows in the setting and on the plate. “It’s kind of like the theater. We try to win the customer over with not just the food,” Chef Randles states. Everything sings together but has a distinctive note, and from looking around the dining room, guests are delighted by the ensemble of food that comes out of the kitchen.

South Africa’s abundance of local produce and great wine makers on its doorstep adds to a menu of great dishes like Karoo Lamb Rack and Pork Belly, which are made on it’s signature braai barbecue. As Chef Randles shared, “It’s just a matter of time before people start to realize what we have going on here,” referring to Cape Town. He’s helping put his hometown on the culinary map, while bringing a style all his own to this heritage site restaurant.