Freni e Frizioni in Trastevere | Travelspective

No mixed feelings for these mixed drinks.

Romans enjoy the finer things in life – good food, great wine, and art as timeless as the city itself. While those things may be enough for the touristy traveler, visitors out to drink in Rome as a local should probably add Freni e Frizioni to the bucket list. Riccardo Rossi, owner and your new favorite bartender, makes a compelling argument for why. According to him, the hip bar works overtime to keep up with its crowd’s tastes, and while beer and wine is great, cocktails and friendly service are the staples that keep patrons glued to his seats.

Freni e Frizioni fosters an easygoing atmosphere that Riccardo describes as punk rock messy, and the steady stream of visitors pouring in for a taste seems to dig it. The goal is to make customers feel at home while introducing simple cocktails to a culture newly coming to terms with this style of after work drinks. They even serve free vegetarian food when you order a cocktail. Creative aperitifs such as Columbia Road and Trinidad En Cuba are great ways to start the night, but it’s the overall vibe that makes Freni e Frizioni a place that welcomes both residents and visitors alike.