Insight | Tech Crunch in Startup City | Travelspective


When it comes to being a place where anything can happen, San Francisco, California not only takes the cake, it eats it too. It’s the city where residents still believe in unicorns, and making a million dollars overnight isn’t only possible through the lottery. Nowhere else in the United States encompasses the entrepreneurial spirit quite like it. Tech startups from all over the world converge here once a year for TechCrunch Disrupt, a high octane ‘who’s who’ of young companies unveiling everything from 360 capture apps to vending machines that dispense fresh juice options for the health-conscious consumer. Housing big-name tech giants like Salesforce, Google, Tesla and a slew of others within its city limits might deter some faint of heart companies, but that same intimidating roster is exactly what draws the bold. More talent means more competition. And rest assured that the myriad of hopefuls who flock to the 7×7 city every year know how to turn those rivalries into self-fulfilling motivation.

Silicon Valley is the place where startups, whether they be tech, restaurants, clothing stores or anything else, come to do just that. Creative competition permeates the air, and no matter where you go in the city, you see some semblance of it. From the highest of high rises to the simplest street corner vendor, former 9 to 5 warriors are trading in their 40 hours a week jobs for 100-hour gigs just to pursue a dream. There’s a different kind of grind here, and although the workload may double and the wages halved, for those embarking on the journey, you find that more often than not they are willing to take the risk. The reason being? Because these daring individuals know that the only thing better than being your own boss is being able to show the world what your company is all about. And San Francisco is the perfect stage to do exactly that.