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Let’s go chasing waterfalls.

Next, we headed to Krka National Park which had some big shoes to fill after the pristine and clear falls of Plitvice. We set out on the trail and all the while you could hear the growing rush of water as we approached Skradinski Buk. Suddenly, we rounded a corner and she was upon us. Without hesitation, we made our way to a nook along the Krka basin and jumped right in. Our excitement of actually being able to take that plunge was the only thing that kept us from thinking about the temperature of the water. It’s one thing to see the beauty of a waterfall, but to actually feel like you’re part of that massive surge makes you forego any trepidation you may have with the cold. Although this part of the park overflowed with sunbathers and swimmers from all walks of life, it was nice to share in the blissful societal blend of both man and nature.