Neighbrewhoods | Wynwood in Miami | Travelspective

A sense of community recrafted.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. An old saying I’m sure we’ve all heard at least once. Well, lead that horse to Wynwood, Miami five years ago, and he couldn’t have had a taste even if he wanted to. Between Wynwood’s city limits was a warehouse district that operated with about the same work ethic as any other—early to rise, early to bed. That is, until Goldman Properties took notice of its urban beauty back in the early 2000s. Tony Goldman and his family began to invest in the neighborhood, splashing new coats of paint wherever it would stick. And with street art usually comes two things a budding brewery needs to grow big and strong in a city still discovering itself: good food and a demographic that would appreciate the pairing.

The craft beer industry here is still in relative infancy to some of the bigger sunshine state brands. Wynwood Brewing, now pushing 3 years old, aimed to change that by opening the first artisanal brew house in the city. The amount of praise it received from this little community made a runway for J. Wakefield and Concrete Beach Brewery to join them in forging the craft beer trail. Together, these three rising stars of the South Floridian craft beer scene are flooding the streets of Wynwood with options suited to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Not to mention working hand and hand with other neighborhood spots to make sure this city always puts its best mug forward.