Quick Bites | Colapicchioni Bakery in Rome | Travelspective

The Prati bakery baked in Roman tradition.

Only the best of the best is found at Colapicchioni bakery, and that’s not just our opinion, it is a statement of fact made by owner Angelo Colapicchioni himself. As he put it, the bread baked here is one of the only to reproduce the old style while using ingredients known to play a key role in Italian gastronomy. Everything from locally sourced wheat to extra virgin olive oil from the Sabina region is featured, but it’s the familiarity of passionately prepared goods that brings in both wanderers and hardcore fans on a daily basis. And who doesn’t enjoy the scent of freshly baked bread in the morning?

Angelo tops his breads with a bevy of flavors that range from hand made pizza to sweet treats, and even includes some old favorites, such as Piangiallo, re-imagined with a recipe all his own. Colapicchioni’s success isn’t one of mere fluke; it’s a labor of love that spans the innocence of childhood to become the driving force in which passionate adults are born. And in the end, is that not how excellence is bred?