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Going on safari is an experience many people think of when they think of Africa. The idea of being a voyeur of beautiful animals in their natural habitat seems like a dream. The reality is that being able to go on a vacation like this is from the work of the reserves and organizations like Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa. We were fortunate to partner with Stop Rhino Poaching in collaboration with Eye See Africa, a boutique travel agency that brings awareness to charities in the region, in our first See Inside Project.

The See Inside Project is a philanthropic video initiative to put a spotlight on conservation efforts across the world that are making a difference, seeking to cultivate visibility and additional support to their programs. This also helps travelers be better informed and make more conscious travel decisions, which in turn helps promote ecotourism and encourages them to give back while they are traveling.

Elise Daffue, the Founder and Director of Stop Rhino Poaching, launched the platform in July 2010 dedicated to raising awareness and support for the war against rhino poaching. What started as a platform, Elise and her team currently work alongside rangers and reserves providing support and funding to protecting the rhino species throughout the region.

“Awareness is very important. But awareness needs to turn into something tangible to really put the support out there on the ground,” Elise states. There are only 20,000 white rhinos and 5,000 black rhinos left in South Africa, while losing 1,000 a year. Elise and her team are working tirelessly to protect rhinos throughout the region, even putting their lives in danger. They work alongside the rangers who work around the clock monitoring reserves to make sure poachers are not trespassing and killing the rhinos. The organization not only provides support to these rangers, but helps implement technology for tracking rhinos and targeting poachers.

And as Elise so passionately stated, “If we don’t do this now, there’s going to be none left for the future generation.” The work that they do is for the rhinos, for the rangers and for every South African and every person around the world. If you feel compelled to help, please visit this link to donate to Stop Rhino Poaching. We welcome everyone to share and amplify their message.