A Window Into | Krka | Travelspective


If Plitvice Lakes is a place of majesty then Krka, its equally lush neighbor, impresses upon a more playful spirit. Hike through Mediterranean foliage as the surge of turbulent water grows louder by the minute. After a short while, keepers of the path will be rewarded in a way that Plitvice doesn’t allow. The increasing tempo of rushing water suddenly bursts through the emerald green and presents Skradinski Buk – a blue haven bespeckled with flecks of brown sediment and foamy, white, turbulence. It’s here that the difference is made because these waters are open to the public. If you ask us, relaxing in calcium carbonate whirlpools is reason enough to visit, but it’s the resulting glow of becoming one with Mother Nature that really separates the experience Krka provides with that found in its sister park.