Soundtrack’d | Havana, Cuba | Travelspective

The sweetest sounding city set against Bahia de la Habana.

Havana, Cuba isn’t your run of the mill vacation destination, there’s true heart there. The dilapidated structures that rise throughout the city proudly display their scars, and at the same time, turn her streets into a photographer’s paradise. Despite where we went, some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met were there to greet us. Their passions ignited through art, culture, and song, lighting up the city as the sun goes down. Music is ingrained in Cuban society, so of course, it stayed on our heels as we tromped our way through Havana. From street performers to impromptu, bar styled sing-offs, Cubans understand perfectly what Marley meant when he described music. When it hits, you feel no pain, and we’re glad to have gotten even the slightest glimpse of that understanding unspoiled.

In no part of the city was feeling the rhythm inappropriate. Steel drums played us to our next set and trombones saw us move on. We soaked in the cultural ambiance of Paseo del Prado by day, and at night, scoured the streets for the jovial sounds of live music accompanied by a lot of laughter. It’s this spirit that sets the city apart from first worlds bursting with buzzwords. Havana, in fact, may not be the quintessential vacation city, but for good reason. It doesn’t play games or coddle expectations of what it should be. It’s up front and unapologetic for being so. It screams in the voice of funky Cuban jazz, snappy salsa, and rhythmic rumbas, but if you’ll listen closely to what she’s saying, she’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear likely to last a lifetime.