Tap’D In | Miami | Travelspective

A window into our home sweet home.

Dear Miami,

Most of us here at Travelspective have known you for the better part of our lives. You’re our home that we so luckily get to come home to after all our travels abroad, welcoming us back from wherever we’ve been with a warm, sweaty embrace. Your temperament, like the weather, is a hot and unapologetic reminder that we’re not just in the Deep South, but we’re in a city that flips the term on its ear. As soon as you cross the border into Miami, you know it’s not like anywhere else in the United States. Its shores are a beacon of homecoming to many a transplant, from Latins of South America to Caribbeans, Europeans, and Americans who now call this city theirs. The mix of cultures gives you an energy all your own and reminds us that ‘southern hospitality’ is something that even a big city can accommodate.

You have a knack for attracting an eclectic mix of people, resulting in the boom of young entrepreneurs hustling in a city that continues to make a name for itself. You’re more than you project. Beyond the surface of beautiful beaches and sublime weather, you’re a city that allows people to re-invent themselves. Sometimes overnight, and literally several times over. You’re a revolving door of new faces with talents that span across a variety of opportunities.

The international diversity here is so far reaching that locals are no longer caught up in asking, ‘Where are you from?’ but instead, curious to know what people are all about. You’re as fascinating as the locals that live here. From Wynwood to MiMo and the peripheral of the city, there are neighborhoods sprouting up all over that show signs of the new identity of Miami. We’ve grown up with you and always excited to return home. Before our travels began to take us away, we got our start right here, scratching the surface of citywide exploration. As we set out at Travelspective to connect, inspire and guide people by giving a window into travel, we wanted to give insight into our beloved city. This is the first of many volumes we will release on Miami, as there are so many chapters to share. We know that no matter where we are, you’ll be there to remind us of where we came from, and also, where we’re going. You’ve been our playground for self-expression, and as we turn our lens on you, we hope we captured some of the magic of why you are known as the ‘Magic City.’

-The Travelspective Team