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 Travelogue South Africa : Our Journey to the Motherland and the Magic of Ubuntu

Dear South Africa,

You are a country we’ve had on our minds for a long time and finally had the pleasure of visiting last November. South Africa is a destination that is constantly making ‘top 10’ lists to visit, and we finally understand what all the fuss is about after spending two weeks traveling through your country. We arrived in Cape Town and met with Eye See Africa, a boutique travel agency, that took us through our travelogue of the winelands to the safari reserves. We got a glimpse of your unique landscapes and a taste of your eclectic culture. But above all, we got a sense of the magic of Africa that we had dreamt about.

You can’t come to Africa and not feel this ‘magic’ that surely comes from knowing that all things began on your land. South Africa, your story is a unique one though. Even though you’re the place of all beginnings, there is a palpable energy of a new coming of age. The innovation displayed in your culinary scene and sense of optimism from new entrepreneurs throughout the country shows a fresh perspective built from new ways of thinking and a culmination of flavors from the region.

But at the heart of you is ubuntu, a word we learned from a local named Bongani that we met in Johannesburg. Ubuntu is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all of humanity.  And as Bongani so poignantly stated, “Life is supposed to be enjoyed. It’s supposed to be shared. It’s supposed to be lived. Life is experiential. And anything that isn’t experiential is just a fantasy.” This is at the core of what we believe and our mission at Travelspective – to connect the world through perspectives and experiences in travel and make them attainable.

South Africa, you lived up to everything we imagined and went beyond the dreams we had of you. It was an experience we will never forget and can’t wait to pick up where we left off when we return.

– The Travelspective Team