Quick Bites | Volpetti in Rome | Travelspective


Volpetti is a culinary goldmine that dares foodies to dig around and not turn up something to fall in love with. Claudio and Emilio, two brothers who still work there today, opened the market in 1973, and it has been thriving ever since. The atmosphere is one of true Roman authenticity all the way down to the locals present, and visitors out for a stroll through Testaccio should definitely follow their lead. Everything they sell is fresh – organically sourced and shelved that morning fresh – but that doesn’t mean Volpetti can’t stock aged goods with the best of them.

Cured meats, vintage cheeses, and truffle-infused everything are great finds indeed, however, passing on the opportunity to try the balsamic vinegar, where visitors can sample 10, 15, even 25-year-old blends, should be a very firm deal-breaker for anyone calling themselves a lover of food. Even if you’re not in a shopping mood Volpetti is worth the visit, if only to get a glimpse into the passionate side of Roman cuisine. Ignorance is met with a will to educate here, and a simple question can lead to an in-depth review aimed at making sure you get whatever it is you need to make your meal memorable.