Insight | When in Rome | Travelspective


Rome is an open-air museum that dates back to the beginning of the 6th century. Anyone who comes for a visit and runs into a local like Paolo Ferrini should follow the old saying “when in Rome.” It is by following in his footsteps that we were able to gain insight into the everyday life of Romans. From appreciating the legacy of their city to slowing down and enjoying the centuries-old backdrop. Under his guidance, we walked from the Pantheon to Piazza Navona. And on that walk, we were able to seamlessly discover the majesty of The Church of San Luigi del Francesi, beautiful statues carved from marble, and plenty of other easily accessible sights before coming upon Piazza Navona. This is exactly the center of the city, and as Paolo puts it, it’s where Romans keep their best treasures. After having lived in the moment for as long as it would allow, we couldn’t agree more with his sentiment.