Winescape Istria | On the Doorstep of Dešković | Travelspective

Wine down in Istria.

A simple game of “wine roulette” landed us on the doorstep of Deskovic, where we were keen on meeting the mind behind the innovative orangj pinot we’d not long ago enjoyed in Zagreb. Upon arrival, the immediate feel of the place was quiet; a modest little winery akin to a home filled with regular folks like you and me than a company. Its charisma comes from a hard days work, and the bales of hay and farming equipment strewn about are proof of that. High atop a jade hill, the sun shines down on the vineyard as Franko, one of the owners of Deskovic, gives us a tour of his humble abode and tells us more about the wine he loves and the hard work behind his harvest.

After the initial awkwardness of showing up unannounced, we found ourselves sipping Pinot in the easygoing presence of our hosts. Deskovic is a haven for neighbors who come over daily to share in the wine and swap stories– there was plenty of laughing, hugging and toast after toast; a true community centered around the culture of wine making. Thank you, Deskovic, for opening your doors to us. The experience was as refreshing as your award-winning Teran!