Woke Up In | Miami Beach EDITION | Travelspective


Some people view hotels simply as a place to accommodate the basics while traveling: store luggage, shower, and sleep. Those people have never stayed in The Edition, Miami Beach. To try and describe a typical night in this hotel borders on impossible. Not because there is nothing to do, but because a typical night here is anything but. Sure, the Edition offers standard amenities such as state of the art spa services and ocean view rooms, but dig a little deeper and guests will discover a world apart from the shores of South Beach. Start your morning with a refreshing fruit smoothie from the Market at Edition, followed by a relaxing dip in the reimagined 1950’s style Tropicale area swimming pool. Lounge in the Sandbox, a secluded nook adjacent to Tropicale, as brilliant sunlight, slips through cracks in the lush canopy, or go for a walk on the 70,000 square foot beach located just outside your window. There are plenty of ways The Edition plays host to the amicable temperament of South Floridian weather, but when the sun goes down, this hotel’s light shines brightest from deep within.

The Basement in Miami Edition is more than just a level on a floor plan. It’s an entertainment hub for the nightlife inclined. Bowling lanes and a 2,000 square foot ice skating rink are perfect for a quiet wind down after a full day, but fully stocked bars and world-class DJs play to guests who are just getting started. Basement Miami, a micro-club that packs the house on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, opens its doors at 11 pm and doesn’t close them again until 5 am the following morning. For what it’s worth, a vacation should be more than just a hotel room in a new town, but with amenities like these, who wouldn’t want to stay indoors for a few days?